Seasonal Beer

Seasonal Beers

Dark Helmet: The Imperial Schwarzbier
We’ve gone past ludicrous speed to plaid. This strong black lager is not your father’s brother’s cousin’s former roommate’s beer. The rich roasted malt character will make your brains go into your feet.
7.7% ABV $6.00/pint

Smoked Porter
A classic English-style porter, brewed with beechwood smoked malt. Smokey highlights complement the roasty malt backbone of this unique ale. Great with food!
5.3% ABV $5.50/Pint


Our German-style Pilsner, this classic lager has delicate malt flavors, and the assertive use of imported noble hops.

 5.2% ABV   $5.00 /14oz pilsner glass


Scottish Ale
A deep amber Scottish-inspired ale,
perfect for the cooler weather.
A toasted caramel malty sweetness dominates.
4.7% ABV Pint- $5.00

Big Bear Amber Ale
This former house favorite makes a glorious return. A hearty English-style amber with all American-grown hops, the Bear is a treat. Pint- $5.00 5.4% ABV

2013 Bourbon Barleywine
Brewed in the British-style with the
finest English barley and American-grown hops.
Sweet malt dominates this robust ale.
Barrel conditioned for 378 days in a charred oak barrel.
Great for warming up in the cold winter months.
12% ABV when it went in the barrel. 8 Ounce-$7.00










Our house draughts are available year round.
Throughout the year look for the following Seasonals:

Abbey Hoffman (Abbey Dubbel)

Stumblin’ Monk (Belgian Strong Pale)

Rocky Mountain Pale Ale

Lockjaw Double IPA

Pacific Coast Porter

Old Percolator Coffee Porter

Gudneitzenbock (Weizenbock)


Mcbride’s Strong Ale

Off-Kilter  Scottish Ale

Saison de l’Ours

Baby Abbey Single


Honey Summer Ale

Belgian Sunset Grand Cru 

BarleywineSmoked Porter

German-Style Oktoberfest




Burton Bitter


Belgian Style Wit

Pale Ale

Brown Ale

Mischief Night Pumpkin Ale Windblown Blonde Kölsch

Dark Helmet…the Imperial Schwarzbier