Seasonal Beer

Seasonal Beers

Oyster Stout

   A classic dry Irish Stout, brewed with Chesapeake Salt oysters right in the kettle. This technique hails from days of old, when the calcium-rich shells supplied essential minerals to the brewing process.

$5.00/Pint 5.0% ABV

Mischief Night Pumpkin Ale

Many innocent pumpkins met a gruesome fate so that you sadistic people could have your annual spiced treat.  We hope you’re happy.   5.5% ABV   $5.50/pint


The classic Bavarian-style amber lager. Our two-time Great American Beer Festival medal

winner is malty and uncommonly smooth due to a full six weeks of cold-conditioning.   5.9% ABV $5.50 /Pint


This Monstrous Pumpkin Ale is brewed with radioactive pumpkins grown at a secret location in the South Pacific, and fermented with genetically modified yeast to 8.666% ABV. Gourdzilla is sure to please even the most finicky pumpkin zombie. 8.666% ABV   $6/10oz









Our house draughts are available year round.
Throughout the year look for the following Seasonals:

Abbey Hoffman (Abbey Dubbel)

Stumblin’ Monk (Belgian Strong Pale)

Rocky Mountain Pale Ale

Lockjaw Double IPA

Pacific Coast Porter

Old Percolator Coffee Porter

Gudneitzenbock (Weizenbock)


Mcbride’s Strong Ale

Off-Kilter  Scottish Ale

Saison de l’Ours

Baby Abbey Single


Honey Summer Ale

Belgian Sunset Grand Cru 

BarleywineSmoked Porter

German-Style Oktoberfest




Burton Bitter


Belgian Style Wit

Pale Ale

Brown Ale

Mischief Night Pumpkin Ale Windblown Blonde Kölsch

Dark Helmet…the Imperial Schwarzbier