Seasonal Beer

19th Anniversary Seasonal Beers

Saphir Belgian Abbey (Single)
A refreshing abbey single brewed exclusively with German Saphir hops and Westmalle yeast.
5.5% ABV. $5.50 / pint

Abbey Hoffman (Dubbel)
This Belgian-style Abbey Dubbel is a rich Burgundian ale. Enjoy the toasty malt character of this dark amber ale that also boasts flavors of dark fruits and spicy yeast. Yippie! The Dubbel has returned. 7.7% ABV $6.00/10.5oz

Stumblin’ Monk (Tripel)
The Monk is back. Taste our award winning Belgian Abbey Tripel but beware, the fruity sweetness of this golden gem is only masking the alcohol content.
Limit of 3 per customer per day.
9.2% ABV $6.00 /10oz

2013 Barleywine
The granddaddy of all English beer styles, this massive ale is brewed with the legendary British-grown Maris Otter malt, and a small boatload of UK hops. Intense malt flavors dominate this mahogany colored fireside sipper. 12.0% ABV $6.50/ 8oz

Lockjaw Double IPA
Our nefarious IPA, aggressively hopped with Summit, Columbus, and Simcoe hops. It’s intense. You can’t take it. 8.4% ABV $7.00/pint

Our German-style Pilsner, this classic lager has delicate malt flavors, and the assertive use of imported noble hops.
5.2% ABV $5.00 /14oz pilsner glass

Monkey Love
The Stumblin’ Monk you all know and love, re-fermented with raspberries!!! This very limited release is a beautiful red with a slight sweetness and tart finish. $6.50/10.5oz







Our house draughts are available year round.
Throughout the year look for the following Seasonals:

Abbey Hoffman (Abbey Dubbel)

Stumblin’ Monk (Belgian Strong Pale)

Rocky Mountain Pale Ale

Lockjaw Double IPA

Pacific Coast Porter

Old Percolator Coffee Porter

Gudneitzenbock (Weizenbock)


Mcbride’s Strong Ale

Off-Kilter  Scottish Ale

Saison de l’Ours

Baby Abbey Single


Honey Summer Ale

Belgian Sunset Grand Cru 

BarleywineSmoked Porter

German-Style Oktoberfest




Burton Bitter


Belgian Style Wit

Pale Ale

Brown Ale

Mischief Night Pumpkin Ale Windblown Blonde Kölsch

Dark Helmet…the Imperial Schwarzbier