*****Cask Alert****

FRIDAY, April 15, 2015

Rocky Mountain IPA, dry-hopped w/Mosaic

$5.50/Imperial Pint


What the heck is cask-conditioned ale?

Cask-conditioned ale is an ale that is unfiltered, unpasteurized and served directly from the vessel in which it was conditioned.  The only carbonation present is the natural carbon dioxide produced as a result of the fermentation process.  Cask ales are served at cellar temperature, around 54 degrees Fahrenheit, nine or ten degrees warmer than our regular beers.  Because it is not overly-carbonated, cask ale must be pumped out of the cask with a hand pump, or “beer engine.”

The aroma and mouth-feel of cask ales is vastly different than those of a regular beer.  The aroma is much more pronounced, especially in beers that have been dry-hopped.  The mouth-feel is far creamier and the warmer temperature allows the flavor nuances of the beer to be better distinguished on the palate.

All cask beer at Stewart’s is produced in accordance with CAMRA guidelines.

Cask ales, also known as real ales, are hugely popular amongst a growing subset of beer drinkers, which is why we have these cask alerts.  We only ever have eleven gallons at a time, so come on in and try one quick!  It may change your life.