Hand Crafted Beer

Governor’s Golden Ale

A sweet golden ale with a very light hop flavor.  This beer is very approachable & serves as a great session beer.


Irish Red Ale

This World Beer Cup bronze medalist (2000) is one of our most popular house beers.  Sweet malt flavor dominates the taste, while caramel undertones deliver an enjoyable compliment.


India Pale Ale

This copper colored IPA is served unfiltered, leaving all the taste intact. Aroma dominates with hop and ester aromas, underlaid with classic British earthiness and solid malt, but firmly loaded with hops.


Highlander Stout

This hybrid stout is our darkest beer.  Infused with nitro/CO2 blend, the cascading effect of this beer is a thing of beauty.  Distinctive coffee, oatmeal & chocolate flavors dominate this staff favorite.  A subtle hop finish rounds out this vision of perfection.


Black & Tan

Highlander Stout layered above our Governor’s Golden Ale.


Wacky Wheat

An American style wheat beer, crisp & refreshing. Offered in raspberry, apricot or plain with lemon.


Not sure which one to try?  Order a sampler.

5 oz. tasting glasses of any beer. Four beers for $6 or Eight beers for $10


All of the above beers are available to go in 64 oz. “Steweys” with the exception of the Highlander Stout/Black & Tan.


One of the unique features of Stewart’s Brewing Company is that all beers are made on the premises of the brewpub. Not only are all the beers made on site, but also the only place to get one of Stewart’s craft beers is at the brewpub, as they have no distribution system.