Today’s Food Features

Wednesday, May 27th


Jerk Chicken Soup   cup $4   bowl $6

Kentucky Pork Belly Soup   cup $4   bowl $6

Veggie Egg Rolls    Thai chili sauce   $6

Broccoli & Cheddar Bites     Ranch   $8

Buffalo Style Boneless Wings    Hot sauce – bleu cheese dressing – celery   $10

Cheese Board Selection

Sharp Provolone – Quickes Double Gloucester – Chimey semi-soft – dried fruit – toasted walnuts –

roasted tomato jam – baguette   $10




May is burger month, celebrate here at Stewart’s with a different burger every day! Today’s hump day feature is:  

Burger #27 It’s Not A Big Mac   $10

Two all-beef patties – special sauce – lettuce – cheese – pickles – onions on a sesame seed bun

Seasoned fries


Mediterranean Macaroni

Mussels – julienne smoked salmon – Spanish sausage garlic broth – elbow macaroni – grilled flatbread   $15

Half Rack Pork Ribs

 Stewart’s house root beer braised ribs – tangy barbecue sauce – coleslaw – steak fries   $14

Grilled Venison & Wild Boar Sausage

 Jalapeno & cheddar spiked sausage – toasted steak roll – black bean & scallion topping – melted cheddar – fries   $10

Wild Game Burger

Seasoned camel patty – dill havarti cheese – lettuce – tomato – toasted kaiser roll –   fries   $13



Ice Cream made with our Stout!  

Chocolate Stout & Cappuccino Stout Crunch from Woodside Creamery, also featuring Vanilla Bean & Black Raspberry Chip   $5

New York Style Cheese Cake   Melba sauce – whipped cream   $6

Raspberry Almond Shortbread   Raspberry sauce – whipped cream (gluten-free)   $6

Brown Sugar & Spice Bread Pudding   Caramel sauce – whipped cream   $6



*Today’s pasta salad is elbow pasta with spinach & herb parmesan dressing*

**Today’s vegetable is sautéed Brussels sprouts & snow peas **

***Today’s potato selection is Yukon Gold mashed potatoes***